/bɔl / (say bawl)

1. a spherical or approximately spherical body; a sphere.
2. a round or roundish body, of different materials and sizes, hollow or solid, for use in various games, as cricket, football, tennis, or golf.
3. any of various games played with a ball, especially an informal or unstructured ball game as played by children: the kids are outside playing ball.
4. a throw, play, action, movement, etc., of a ball: a low ball; a high ball; a flighted ball.
5. Baseball, Softball a pitch by the pitcher that passes above the batter's shoulder, below the knee or outside his or her reach, four of which entitle the batter to take a walk.
6. possession of the ball by a team or individual: the team's wingers received plenty of ball.
7. Military
a. a solid projectile, usually spherical, for a cannon, rifle, pistol, etc. (distinguished from a shell).
b. projectiles, especially bullets, collectively.
8. any part of a thing, especially of the human body, that is rounded or protuberant: the ball of the thumb.
9. Colloquial a testicle.
10. Astronomy a planetary or celestial body, especially the earth.
verb (t)
11. to make into a ball or balls.
12. Colloquial (taboo) to have sexual intercourse with.
verb (i)
13. to form or gather into a ball.
14. a ball of muscle (or strength){{}} (or style), Colloquial a person who is very healthy (very strong) (very stylish).
15. do one's balls on, Colloquial (of a man) to become infatuated with.
16. drop the ball, to lose interest or commitment to a project.
17. grab someone by the balls, Colloquial to impress someone favourably.
18. have someone by the balls, Colloquial to have someone in one's power.
19. have the ball at one's feet, to be in a position of immediate opportunity or obligation to act. {Phrase Origin: from football}
20. have the ball in one's court, to have the opportunity or obligation to act. {Phrase Origin: from tennis, where the player can only strike the ball when it is in their half of the court}
21. keep the ball rolling, to keep something going; keep up the rate of progress or activity.
22. off the ball, Football away from the main action of the game: a fight broke out off the ball.
23. on the ball, in touch with a situation, reality, etc.; alert; sharp.
24. play ball, Colloquial (sometimes followed by with) to work together; cooperate.
25. play hard ball, Originally US Colloquial to behave aggressively and with ruthless determination.
26. start (or set) the ball rolling, to start an operation; set an activity in motion.
27. that's the way the ball bounces, Chiefly US Colloquial that's how things are.
28. the round ball game, Colloquial (humorous) soccer.
{Middle English bal, from Old Norse böllr}
/bɔl / (say bawl)

1. a social gathering (usually formal) at which people dance.
2. have (oneself) a ball, Colloquial to have an extremely pleasurable experience: *It was a really good night, I had a ball. –aap news, 2000.
{French bal, from Old French baler dance, from Late Latin ballāre}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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